It starts with a VISION, turns into a BREAKTHROUGH and results in SUCCESS.

At Kalmes Consulting, our PURPOSE is to lead you towards your needs, strengths and goals. The beauty of being human is we are all DIFFERENT. Embrace it. Through our multiple coaching formats, we can get to the root of the barrier that is stopping you from SUCCESS.

At Kalmes Consulting, we put focus on the CULTURE of your business. Companies either sink or swim based on culture alone. If you are looking to increase productivity, keep employee retention, integrate both fun and hard work and ultimately increase your BOTTOM LINE, than YOU landed EXACTLY where you need to be.

Did you know that 46% of people will fail at their jobs within the first 18 months? It is not because of money or the specific job role, it is simply due to a poor culture fit. For years, employers have put focus on hiring based on specific skills, but that shift is slowly starting to CHANGE. More and more business owners/management are looking for people who align with their values and goals. The culture of a business is a learned behavior based on positive/negative reinforcement. A simple “thank you” to a coworker can make a world of a difference in terms of culture. Consistent positive reinforcement of teamwork will help that culture thrive and feel whole.

Kalmes Consulting understands the value in INDIVIDUALS. Each person has specific needs and goals and their ultimate WANT is to be seen and understood, both in their personal lives and business. We are motivated by different things. We have our own personal experiences which have made us who we are. Simply, we are HUMAN. The BIGGEST challenge in a workplace always comes down to ONE THING, how can we all get along when we are so different? How can we create a THRIVING culture based on our different needs, strengths and goals? That is where WE come in. Thru our easy to follow PERSONALITY TRAINING, we can help your employees to UNDERSTAND each other and apply the personality tools to their daily lives.


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