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Prior to meeting Cadie I was in the food service industry and due to the economy I was unfortunately and unexpectedly let go. Not knowing which way my life was heading or what career path I would be taking, that’s when I met Cadie. She helped me set goals and zero in on my life’s journey like a laser beam. Since that meeting with her my life has turned around; she has been such an inspiration to me and my family I don’t know all I know is that without her guidance and wisdom my life would not be what it is today. Thank you so much, Cadie.

~ Thomas P. | Development Professional | Viera, Florida

In my experience, I have come to know Cadie as a woman of great character and integrity. She is a highly motivated person, who is very competitive and yet also very compassionate. She always seems to have a smile on her face, and operates with a high energy “can do” attitude. She approaches everything in life with tremendous passion, believing that all things are possible with hard work and determination.  In closing, I’ve found Cadie to be an outstanding Mother, Wife, Daughter and friend. She manages to do an excellent job of wearing all of these hats and does it while maintaining balance in her life. In short, you would do well to be associated with her in any capacity. I have seen her enrich the lives of those around her, and would anticipate that you would find the same to be true as well.

~ Jon H. | Key Account Manager | Business Development Robinson Fresh | Eden Prairie, MN

My life has changed in the most incredibly rewarding way since working with Cadie. From the very first meeting with Cadie I instantly connected with her. She was gentle & real. People always tell you that your life can change at any moment but you never really know how it will impact you until this feeling grabs your heart. I can say with complete confidence that God sent Cadie to me exactly when I needed her most. She used God’s love & life to reach me. I’ve never felt so trustworthy of my feelings with anyone as quickly as I have with Cadie. Within 3 months Cadie was helping get through some emotional issues I’d buried my entire life. In fact I didn’t know the issue existed. It was something holding me back from being my best. We laughed together, cried together & celebrated my sprouts together. The integrity of this amazing women will help you feel comfortable & at ease from day one. You will feel her soul on your side. Cadie has really allowed me to open my heart & find God. I will be forever grateful for our relationship & will practice the techniques she taught me throughout my life & business. Cadie has helped my business grow by helping me see my true potential & passions. If you have the chance to work with Cadie I highly suggest it!

~ Mindy G. | Mom | Business Owner | Minneapolis, MN

Cadie is one of the most passionate women I know. In the time that I have worked alongside Cadie, the quality that stands out is her heart. She cares so much about the well-being of people, clients and business associates. Her integrity is at the highest level, her work ethic is stellar, and her ability to teach and train is top-notch. I know that any endeavor that she is a part of will flourish and her clients will be blessed.

~ Michelle T. | Life coach | Los Angeles, CA

Cadie is a constant encourager. She always finds a way to uplift the people around her. With Cadie you know that you have a friend for life and someone in your corner rooting you on. As for business, it’s rare these days to find people who have an amazing work ethic like she has. I am excited about the impact that she will make in people’s lives.

~ Jeribai T. | Designer | Sonora, CA

Cadie has always been a determined to succeed person with a love to assist others in their lives.   Whether you had emotional issues, financial issues or just needed a friend, she was always there with a great outlook, great advice or just a hug to help you through a bad situation.  She has directed and advised me in not only my business but my personal life which has helped me become a better person all around.  She is raising strong, God loving children with manners and a loving passion for others.  Her integrity, passion and a strong belief in God has made her a very successful consultant.

~ Cathy M. | Office Manager | Wisconsin

Prior to meeting Cadie I was a single mom with three kids. I felt like that was all I was good for. I would wear PJ’s all day because I didn’t see the point in getting dressed. I was thousands of dollars in debt and longed for purpose in my life. After being introduced to Cadie through a home business opportunity my life drastically changed! Cadie helped me become a confident business woman with a desire to make things happen for me and my family. Since working with Cadie I have paid off all of my outstanding debt, gotten married and started a business of my own. Because of her willingness and desire to stick with me, teach me and offer freely her opinion and direction; my life now has purpose and as a family we work together to create goals and pursue our dreams! My life is full of meaningful relationships now, and it all started with the friend and mentor I found in Cadie!

~ Melanie M. | Business Women | Wife | Mother | Wisconsin

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Cadie both personally and professionally for the past 6 months. I have found that Cadie truly cares about her relationships on a personal and professional level.

Her family values are deeply rooted in everything she does. She is very passionate about her relationship with her husband and children. Cadie has a very comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to make me successful. She is sincere, trustworthy and not judgmental. Cadie is a very good coach and when we are together I feel that I’m not just a client but a long time friend. She is very humble and does not give herself enough credit for her clients’ success.

I believe that she has coached me to a level of competence that I could not have achieved on my own. Cadie and I will remain friends long after her time spent coaching me has passed. I would strongly recommend Cadie as a personal success coach. She has been beside me to celebrate wins and has helped me recognize opportunities. I am proud to call her my friend.

~ Caryn K. | Business Owner | Minneapolis, Minnesota

What I really enjoy and respect about working with Cadie is how she tells it to you straight. She is able to be completely sincere without sugar coating the facts, but doesn’t bludgeon you to death when she calls you out on something. To me, when I work with her I really feel as though I am confiding in a good friend for advice. Someone whom isn’t afraid of telling me the truth. I admire her humility in being able to recall personal stories and struggles in her life to help relate to my own challenges and experiences. At the end of a session, I am able to sort through the chaos of my life and find clarity, purpose and direction.

~ Megan | Pilates and Gymnastics Coach | Minneapolis, MN

I have known Cadie for about 10 years.  During that time, I have observed the way she is in her family and had the privilege to know her personally.  Cadie has an infectious smile and a contagiously energetic personality.  I have observed and experienced Cadie to be:  ambitious, passionate, forthright, authentic, kind, hard working, resourceful, trustworthy, an intentional parent and loving wife.  She inspires those around her to live their life with more direction and passion, in fact, one will often hear her making statements about setting a person’s circumstances ‘up for success’.  Cadie has so much wisdom in her young age yet she is also a wonderful listener.. those are not two qualities that people always contain together.  On top of that, she is a woman who operates in complete integrity; with Cadie what you see is what you get.  But my most favorite thing about Cadie is her deep faith.  She has a heart to help people become all that God created them to be and is willing to be a cheerleader with them every step of the way.  I am truly blessed to be a recipient of these qualities and very proud to call Cadie my friend.

~ Rachel | Domestic Engineer | Minneapolis, MN

Cadie  is a one and a million person  whom I can put all of my trust in. She is incredibly loyal and I can always count on her to give me an honest, unbiased opinion. She is the person to which I would bring my deepest concern in a time of need. She is an incredible wife and loving mother. My husband and I actually aspire to raise our children in the same way she and her husband have raised theirs.

I admire her superb parenting skills and her ability to maintain great relationships and conversations with people. She is a person who truly cares about others who are struggling in this world. In addition to all of these things she has an amazing wealth of knowledge and education about healthy life and business skills. Not to mention, excellent money management skills. I would recommend anybody looking for business or life advice to seek out Cadie’s help.

~ Ashley G. | Nurse | Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Cadie Kalmes embodies all aspects of integrity, truth and wisdom. She is someone who you can trust with your all areas of your life and career.  Her authenticity and love for helping others is one of her greatest attributes.  I feel honored and blessed to have this Godly woman in my life. She is someone who feels deeply and loves with all her heart. Her sense of humor, love for her family, and heart for God makes her even more special. Cadie Kalmes is one-of-a-kind!”

~ Shelley T. | Mom, Wife and Teacher | Minneapolis, MN

I will never forget when we first met! I was physically and emotionally a mess. You met me right where I was.  As I started meeting with you, I found direction and guidance. I also learned how important it is to follow up and follow through. Accountability is so important.

I have learned so many valuable lessons from you, such as learning who I am in Christ and finding out the truth about me. I am celebrating my victories, even the small ones.

One of the most important lessons I learned is valuing relationships. Cadie thought me how to form relationships and to communicate differently. For that is what life is all about.

I have had the opportunity to meet her children. They are learning skills that many adults do not know! They are truly blessed to have loving parents. Cadie has the skills to meet the needs of the young, teens, adults and the elderly. Cadie, I want to thank you for all your help and support!

~Janice B. | Cookie Lee Owner and Take Shake for Life Coach | Minneapolis, MN

I met Cadie in 2007 when I was looking for a way to work from home. Cadie spent a lot of extra time mentoring me, talking to me, and truly listening to what I had to say. We developed a friendship that was absolutely unreal before we even met face to face. Cadie was able to tear through my brick wall and help me get over myself. To get over my trust issues and I never even saw it coming! My relationships with other people in my life changed drastically, my relationship with myself changed. Cadie’s unrelenting compassion and complete honesty is absolutely heartfelt and genuine. I am blessed to have been put in the path of this incredible woman!

~Jennifer W. | Business Owner | Panama City, FL

Working with Cadie was a true blessing.  Cadie’s knowledge, expertise and caring personality really digs deep into who you really are.  Whatever you are looking for in your personal life, relationship or career Cadie will help you succeed to your maximum potential.  Working with Cadie is a “MUST” in my opinion to further your full understanding of yourself and others!

~Mike P. | Realtor | Minneapolis, MN

I can’t thank Cadie enough for working with me on my communications skills and knowledge of understanding everyone unique personalities.  She was so knowledgeable and graceful at going thru my strengths and weaknesses and helped me gain a better sense on how to grow in each area.  After working with Cadie, I now have a better idea of how to work and talk with a wide range of people whether they are extremely bold and extrovert to the opposite extreme of quiet and introvert.  I grew in my personal relationships as well and have much more open communication.

~ Lori M. | Business Owner | Mom | Minneapolis, MN

My time with Cadie was beyond amazing. Cadie is vibrant and brings energy, compassion, love, positivity and personal experience into her coach sessions. Her ability to walk through tough times with me allowed me to experience continued growth both personally and professionally. Her relationship with God also opened my eyes to my faith and encouraged me to continue my relationship with Him. Her sessions not only relate to today and tomorrow but in all life’s experiences in the past and future. She has taught me lifelong lessons. I am forever grateful for my time with Cadie.

~Melissa S. | MN Oncology Lead Nurse | Minneapolis, MN

I cannot even describe in words what Cadie has done in my life. When a fellow friend had referred me to Cadie, I was simply looking for advice in my business setting to help with personality conflicts. Within our first meeting she had completely gained my trust and I knew I could take this coaching opportunity to a much deeper level. Going into my first session I didn’t know what to expect but it was INCREDIBLE; hands down one of the most impactful moments of my life.  She was able to make me feel comfortable enough to talk about things I had never talked openly about before. I was challenged to dig deep, peel back my layers and get to the root of my heart. As my coaching with Cadie progressed, I not only learned more about myself but also about my marriage, friendships, work relationships, being a parent and the love for God. The things she taught me can be used in every aspect of my life both professionally and personally. I am a firm believer in God’s path and he puts people there for a reason. Cadie came into my life at an extremely pivotal time where I felt completely lost, unworthy and confused about my future. She has a special God-given gift to help people see their value and to mold you to become your best self! Without her, I would still be lost but I am proud to say that through the help of her coaching I can now see my value, future, self-worth and so much more. I give her my highest praises and I know that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will feel the exact same way that I do. Cadie likes to say, “Let God show up and show off” and through her guidance I have opened my eyes and am able to see all the ways God is talking to me. I thank Him FOR HER every day. She has truly changed my life.

~Amanda P. | Sales and Marketing Professional | Plateworks Plus | Business Owner | Minneapolis, MN





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