With both our individual and group coaching,  we are looking for people (and groups) who are serious about change, and ready to take their personal development to the next level.

Individual Coaching

Kalmes Consulting understands the value in INDIVIDUAL. Each person has specific needs, strengths and goals and their ultimate WANT is to be seen and understood both in business and home. We have our own personal experiences which has made us who we are. Simply, we are HUMAN.

Individual coaching is perfect for those people who may be:

    • Feeling stuck in business or at home
    • Looking for a career change
    • In need of strengthening relationships
    • Challenged with time management
    • Trying to figure out their path

Group Coaching

Are you a leader, manager, teacher or provider? If you have a team of people who are pushing together towards the same goal, group coaching is the perfect way to get you on the same page.  Some of the topics we will cover Cadie on stage Super Saturdayare as follows:

    • Define the barriers that are holding you back from working at your full potential
    • Strategically setting you apart in the industry from your competitors
    • Managing your time for success
    • Leading by example
    • Propelling you into high performance with action
  • Learning the key to building long lasting relationships

Culture Training

*Voted our most popular training*

Is the culture of your workplace sinking or swimming?

If you are looking to increase productivity, keep employee retention, integrate both fun and hard work and ultimately increase your BOTTOM LINE, than YOU landed EXACTLY where you need to be.

Did you know that 46% of people will fail at their job within the first 18 months? It is not because of money or the specific job role, it is simply due to a poor culture fit.

The BIGGEST challenge in a workplace always comes down to ONE THING, how can we all get along when we are so different? How can we create a THRIVING culture based on our different needs, strengths and goals? That is where WE come in. Thru our easy to follow PERSONALITY TRAINING, we can help your employees to UNDERSTAND each other and apply the personality tools to their daily lives.

Thru this training you will learn:

    • Learn how to motivate yourself and others to get results
    • Compel people to do business with you instead of your competitors
    • Develop communication within your entire company that affects your bottom line
    • Learn how to develop top producing sales reps, employees and associates on your team
    • Acquire the ability to deal with difficult people in your organization

Keynote Speaking

Many times in keynote speaking engagements you have numerous speakers to choose from.  Your goal is to not hire the dreaded monotone speaker!!!  You don’t want to have people head bobbing, individuals that are bored out of their mind, and those who are totally disengaged!  That is not allowed the day of the keynote!  Your looking for a keynote speaker who can motivate, engage and captivate your audience!

My approach is one of no fluff.  I talk about all the things!!!  Yep, straight to the point and say it like it is.  This is real life and people need to get ready for some straight talk.  We have so many things holding us back from achieving our full potential.  The challenge is how do you help people unveil their strengths, beliefs and have them working in a spirit of excellence in today’s world!  That is exactly the challenge I welcome when I am hired for your keynote.  I will bring the following to every speaking engagement that I accept:

  • Truth: Many people are focusing on what isn’t working for them and the thoughts about what people really think about who they really are.  We are going to address what the truth is about who your are and what you are capable of.
  • Interaction: I incorporate audience participation into all of my speaking engagements. Why?  People want to be heard and understood.  This speaking engagement is about your audience!  They care about themselves and hopefully are looking for a few nuggets that they can apply right away.  As active participants, they will feel more connected to what they are learning and those around them.
  • Energy: It is time to pull your big boy/girl chonies up and get going!  I will speak life into the group, bring an undeniable energy, and fill the room with the energy needed to pull out the best in everyone who is in attendance.
Contact Me for Pricing And Availability

For specific pricing or general inquiries about how I can make my keynotes unique to your business or next event, contact me online. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Special Trainings

Trainings will take place both live streaming and in person. These will be open to anyone looking for GROWTH.  Stay tuned for more information!

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