Why hire a business coach?

As a business owner, you have a lot of irons in the fire. You do just about everything, and rarely take time for YOU. Or, if you’re working in a corporate environment, the battle for the corner office or the management ranks is fierce.

Many business owners and corporate executives experience burn out, due to work loads and the stresses involved in balancing both work and home lives.

So, why hire a business coach? For 100 percent dedicated attention to you and your life or business. A business coach helps you move from where you are – whether its in a business or life rut -to where you want to be, and does so by solely focusing on your strengths and your goals.

As we coach we will work on the following:Amanda and Cadie

  • Creating a life balance instead of tolerating a chaotic work/home environment
  • Propelling you into action, where you will not be affected by fear, indecision, or procrastination
  • Guiding and directing you through a technique that gets you out of your comfort zone and into high performance

Helping you achieve the highest level of performance without sacrificing your family, relationships, free time, values and integrity.  Taking control over your current situation and mindset.  Breaking through the barriers, allowing you to work at your full potential.  Building an environment that promotes you and your business at the same time.

We will activate your ability to motivate yourself and others.  Execute a plan to manage your time, while focusing on what you are passionate about.  Creating  a plan to set yourself apart in the industry so that when someone needs your product/service they only want to work with you and not your competitor.

You will have clear vision, consistency, maximize your productivity, build dynamic/strong relationships, decrease your stress and have balance.

Client commitment

We are committed to all of our clients.  We will walk alongside you, while guiding and encouraging you every step of the way.  We will coach you through the challenges your are currently faced with!  You will learn to take action and results in increased sales and productivity!

Decide that this is the day your life changes and is headed in the direction of success, schedule an appointment today!




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